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Zona de Azar Brazil – BiS Debate: “The Post-Regulation Operation of Multi-Vertical Sites”

Brazil.- 15th June 2022 The Brazilian iGaming Summit will be held on 28th and 29th of June it presents a varied and rich program for the iGaming sector, for Brazil and the world.

On the afternoon of the first day, BiS brings a series of panels and lectures, starting with the panel: “The post-regulation operation of multivertical sites: Online x Offline x Offshore”, which will be led by Leonardo Baptista, CEO of Pay4Fun, with the Karen Sierra-Hughes, president of GLI for Latin America and the Caribbean, participated.

For Leonardo, the objective of this panel is to shed light on the operation of sites that currently operate offshore and that are multi-vertical, and on their situation after regulation in Brazil.

“We know that there are two projects to be released soon and we know that the fixed-odds bet must be approved first”, says Leo Baptista. “So how is the operation of a multi-vertical site that is out of the country after the release of fixed-odds bets? What changes would have to be made for its post-release suitability?”

Leonardo believes that this is an extremely important point that should be discussed with Bis operators. The panel starts at 3 pm and will also feature the presence of other entrepreneurs in the sector.

This is the second successful edition of BiS – the largest betting event in the Latin American market, which is part of the sector’s international fairs calendar.

The Brazilian iGaming Summit, The Brazilian iGaming Intelligence adds this year a third day, where the Latam Affiliates event will take place and on the night of the 28th the Brazilian iGaming Awards, an award event for entrepreneurs and companies that stood out within the industry.

Afiliados LATAM

The big news this year is the Afiliados LATAM – the first exclusive event in the iGaming affiliate market, covering sports betting, casino games and lotteries.

Afiliados Latam is an initiative of Jericho Eventos, organizer of the Brazilian iGaming Summit. Latam Affiliates will feature the presence of important companies in the sector, experienced speakers in affiliate marketing and digital media in general, in addition to hundreds of affiliates to form a perfect networking environment.

 About the Brazilian iGaming Summit (BiS)

The second edition of BiS should once again bring together the main representatives of the sports betting, lottery and affiliate segments. After all, this event has already established itself as an international reference for receiving politicians, regulators, operators, authorities, ambassadors and representatives of world players.

With Brazil becoming an exponent in the sports betting and gaming industry, numerous companies from the three sectors are following all the developments of the regulatory process. Thus, the objective of BiS 2022 will be to offer relevant, updated content that helps to project the future of the national market.

The event takes place on June 28 and 29, at Espaço Boulevard JK, in São Paulo.

Edited by: @MaiaDigital

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