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Zona de Azar USA – GLI and TST Release World’s First Global Interactive Gaming Standard.

USA Lakewood.- “GLI-19” Establishes Industry’s First Global iGaming Regulatory Guidelines.The world’s leading gaming test labs, Gaming Laboratories International, LLC and TST, A GLI Company, have released the world’s first global interactive gaming standard. The standard, “GLI-19,” is a global historical milestone and establishes the industry’s first global iGaming regulatory guidelines.

“This is an important day in the gaming industry. With GLI-19, GLI and TST can now assist new and emerging markets in developing the proper technical controls and regulations to facilitate the markets,” said GLI President/CEO James Maida. “Regulators who are contemplating iGaming regulation will be better able to institute these technical regulations in their new markets, as they are already accepted by the industry.”

GLI-19 is a technical standard based on an extensive review of several key interactive gaming jurisdictions which have experienced great success in regulating the inherently complex systems associated with iGaming.

GLI-19 is the culmination of more than a year’s worth of in-depth consultation with iGaming regulators, software developers and operators from around the world. GLI and TST were the lead in compiling GLI-19, and the consortium of seasoned regulators, suppliers and operators provided valuable assistance in comment and review.

“GLI and TST have spent a significant amount of time working closely with regulators in existing jurisdictions to understand the unique aspects of iGaming technical regulation.  It is only through these special relationships that we were able to determine best practices and provide a common standard for new jurisdictions,” said GLI Europe/TST Managing Director Phillip Barow.

GLI-19 is the first set of common standards for technical regulation of iGaming markets. It encompasses the best practices in regulated jurisdictions from Europe and Canada, where the majority of iGaming regulation is currently occurring. GLI-19 is available for free, immediate download on GLI’s and TST’s websites at and

GLI-19 is separated into two distinct areas: supplier requirements and operator requirements. This is the first time a GLI Standard has been separated. “This separation was suggested by the expert team of regulators, suppliers and operators we consulted with on this project, and will help to streamline the industry,” Maida said.

have been leading the world in all types of gaming testing for more than two decades. Specific to iGaming, GLI/TST was the first to conduct a successful certification of interactive gaming systems. GLI/TST was also the first to test in the regulated iGaming jurisdictions of Alderney, Isle of Man, First Cagayan in the Philippines and the UK. GLI/TST also was first to certify iGaming conducted and managed by the provinces of British Columbia and Québec in Canada.

Regulators in new and emerging iGaming markets will be able to use GLI-19 as a solid basis for their technical regulations. GLI-19 will also be of tremendous help to software developers and operators, who now will be able to better comply with government technical regulations, because the standards within GLI-19 have been vetted through the best practices in already existing regulated markets.

Maida said, “With GLI-19, we are sending a clear signal that we continue to support regulated iGaming markets growth by providing an industry-approved standard based on the best input from industry participants and regulators. This standard will give regulators contemplating iGaming regulation the confidence that guidance on regulation, player protection and industry best practices is available in an off-the-shelf solution that is to the benefit of all industry participants.”

GLI-19 is the latest in the GLI Standard Series. Each standard in the GLI Standard Series is a culmination of industry best-practices and is continually updated. In addition to assisting regulators, the standards are of tremendous value to suppliers who use the standards as a guide in their R&D process, saving time and expense. All standards are available for free download on the Standards page at

For more than 20 years, Gaming Laboratories International, LLC has been the world leader in providing independent testing, inspection and certification services to the gaming industry. With 16 laboratory locations located across Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, North America and South America, GLI is the only global organization of its kind to hold U.S. and international accreditations for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025, 17020 and Guide 65 standards for technical competence in the Gaming industry. GLI offers independent third party evaluation and certification of Gaming technology, devices and systems in addition to providing network and information security assessments. For more information, visit

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