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Zona de Azar USA – Playtika’s Bingo Blitz Announces Partnership with Meals on Wheels America

USA.- June 22nd 2022 Bingo Blitz® – the Playtika® studio behind the world’s #1 free-to-play social Bingo game[1]  – has yesterday announced a partnership with Meals on Wheels America, the leading charity dedicated to fighting senior hunger and isolation.

The partnership will be focused specifically on the issue of loneliness as a critical health and social issue in elderly populations, a cause chosen directly by Bingo Blitz players.

Starting yesterday, Bingo Blitz will feature dedicated content, developed in partnership with Meals on Wheels, allowing players to make an impact through gameplay.

The in-game event is part of the chef feature, where players collect ingredients by playing Bingo and use them to make a wide range of dishes in the app’s virtual kitchen. The game will also engage with its fans across social media and community platforms to highlight the important issue of loneliness amongst the aging population in the US.

Bingo Blitz will dedicate a total of $300,000 to the partnership with Meals on Wheels throughout 2022. A financial contribution of $200,000 will be donated directly to Meals on Wheels, and another $100,000 will be dedicated to promoting the partnership through local activations.

As part of these local activations, some Bingo Blitz players will get the chance to join the game’s employees in cooking and delivering meals to Meals on Wheels clients. The global community of players will also have the opportunity to write letters and to choose gifts for seniors living in isolation.

“We know that often, isolation – especially among older Americans who are homebound – is a hidden issue,” said Kristine Templin, Chief Development Officer. “But loneliness is dire to seniors’ health, and we need everyone to take meaningful action to address this growing issue. That’s why we’re so grateful to Bingo Blitz for their commitment to fighting senior isolation and hunger alongside us.”

Tough times

Loneliness as a social and public health problem has gained attention in recent years. The ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, and the need for social distancing, has left many older adults increasingly isolated at a time they can no longer rely on friends and family to keep them company and to provide them with basic necessities. In many communities, Meals on Wheels has stepped in to play a critical role in bridging this gap.

The story of Ollie, 83, is illustrative. Prior to the pandemic, she relied on her local church to provide her with community and social activities. Once the pandemic began, she began to feel isolated and alone – a feeling which only grew worse as friends and family were no longer able to safely bring groceries or to drive her to appointments.  Regular check-ins from Meals on Wheels volunteers have proven to be crucial in supporting her mental and physical well-being.  Ollie, who worked as a cook for three decades, said that: “These folks are just so friendly, and the food is good too!” She continued, “I’ve lived through an awful lot in my life, but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced something that has hurt so many people all over the world.”

Making a difference

For Bingo Blitz, whose team developed engaging in-game content and challenges focused entirely on Meals on Wheels, the partnership is representative of the game’s overall commitment to the fight against senior loneliness and to build communities through play. Lior Itzhak, General Manager of Bingo Blitz, comments:

“Everyone at Bingo Blitz is immensely proud to be officially partnering with Meals on Wheels America…we have always seen it as part of our mission to bring people together from all around the world to nurture a community spirit across borders. Unfortunately, there are too many people who need Meals on Wheels services. But there are also many people who have a strong desire to give back and offer help, however they can. We believe that our industry can “change the game of giving,” playing a key role in encouraging that spirit of generosity and helping to build awareness of this important social cause through gaming.

Edited by: @MaiaDigital

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