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Zona de Azar Rumania – Gaming Corps and Superbet Partners Exclusively in Romania

Rumania.- 10 de Junio de 2021 Swedish game developer Gaming Corps is partnering with Superbet, the largest operator in Romania, for distribution of the Company’s iGaming products. In addition, Superbet will offer Gaming Corps’ upcoming Multiplier Games, within the new iJect series, exclusively on the Romanian market for a period of three months.

Gaming Corps and Superbet has today signed an agreement whereby Gaming Corps’ current and future portfolio of iGaming products will be distributed via aggregator to Supetbet’s affiliated online casinos. The agreement also entails for Superbet to offer Gaming Corps’ upcoming Multiplier Games exclusively in Romania for a period of three months.

“Adding Superbet to our growing list of operators means a significant step forward in building the Gaming Corps distribution capacity. Superbet is a prominent, sizeable provider, and this partnership will have an impact on the total volume of bets made on Gaming Corps products. With this agreement we continue with our chosen strategy of adding more exclusive partnerships and thus ensuring that our games are given a prominent position towards the end users on the online casinos on which they are offered.” says Juha Kauppinen, CEO, Gaming Corps.

“We welcome Gaming Corps to the Superbet fold, they are a driven new provider with an exciting portfolio. I believe their content, specifically the upcoming Table Games and Multiplier Games, will do very well with our key target audiences.” says Nicholas Yu, Live Casino and Gaming Content Manager, Superbet

“I want to convey my gratitude towards Superbet for an already thriving partnership. The Superbet team is highly professional and experienced, and I know we at Gaming Corps will benefit greatly from their input and advice. We will offer modern, attractive content and in-game branding opportunities built directly on the end user feedback provided by Superbet, to ensure a win-win partnership and high earnings for both parties.” says Mats Lundin, Chief Commercial Officer, Gaming Corps.

Multiplier Games is a relatively new category of games within iGaming, inspired by crypto currency “crash games” on which the fundamental functionality of betting on a moving object is based. As the object moves forward or upward, the bet multiplier increases, and the player must decide whether to leave the game early or dare to hold on for a larger payout. The games are quick and intuitive, and in increasing consumer demand as of late, with the community aspect having significant bearing on their popularity. The concept of players being able to follow the choices of other players betting on the same round adds to the excitement and attraction. Gaming Corps has three Multiplier Games currently in production under the new product line iJect.

Superbet was founded in 2008, initially offering live sports, virtual betting and lottery games. Online casino games were later added and over the past couple of years Superbet has become the most dominant player in Romania, with an approximate 40% market share of the Romanian online gambling market. In addition to Romania, Superbet focuses on Eastern Europe, most notably expanding its presence in Poland. For more information, please visit

Gaming Corps is a game developer with the business idea of developing original content for Gaming and iGaming, servicing the selective gamer with niche video games and premium casino games. Our iGaming portfolio consists of casino slots, multiplier games and table games, into which we infuse our experience from Gaming to create modern, exciting content. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market and headquartered in Sweden with development studios on Malta and in the Ukraine.

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