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Zona de Azar UK – Genius Sports Extends Partnership with Football DataCo

UK.- June 26, 2023 Genius Sports Limited has won a major new expansion and extension of its exclusive low latency official data partnership with Football DataCo, the data rights holder of UK football.

Under the terms of the agreement, Genius Sports has extended its long-term partnership with Football DataCo to be the exclusive official supplier of low latency live data from the English Premier League (“EPL”), English Football League (“EFL”) and Scottish Professional Football League (“SPFL”), to the global sports betting industry. Genius Sports has been the exclusive distributor of low latency official data from over 4,000 UK football fixtures per season to hundreds of regulated sportsbooks worldwide since the start of the 2019 season. The renewed partnership will run until the conclusion of the 2024-2025 season.

As a result, Genius Sports’ AI-powered tracking systems will be installed at all remaining Championship grounds, capturing rich positional data on every player, match official and the ball. This leading-edge capability will provide Championship teams and coaches – like it has for the Premier League since 2020 – with access to Second Spectrum’s software that delivers unique player performance metrics derived from tracking data, all indexed to match video.

The data generated from the partnership enables Second Spectrum augmentation technology to create automated, real time enhanced graphics based on optical on-pitch data featuring advanced team and player insights such as shot velocity, player speed, positional data, and much more. Where broadcasters choose, these unique data-driven broadcast overlays can augment the fan experience by providing highly personalised viewing options for all fans, however and wherever they watch the game.

“Genius Sports and Second Spectrum continue to generate first class data and provide innovative solutions for a variety of Football DataCo’s stakeholders,” commented Adrian Ford, General Manager of Football DataCo. “The technology is improving all the time, extending the creative use of data to improve the presentation of English and Scottish football.”

“The Premier League is the most popular league in world sport and Genius Sports has created the fastest, most accurate and secure feed on UK football to power first-class products for sportsbooks around the world,” said Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports. “We are delighted to extend our partnership to continue to power innovation and now to expand it to include our suite of AI-powered Second Spectrum Tracking Data technology for the EFL Championship as well as the Premier League.”

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