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Zona de Azar Brazil – Cactus Gaming Secures GLI Certification, Leading Brazilian iGaming

Brazil.- 02th July 2024 Cactus Gaming, developer of sports betting and iGaming platforms, obtained certification in the most rigorous process conducted by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®), raising the standard of the national industry, which operates in a newly regulated market, ratifying the company’s commitment to serve your customers better.

GLI recently obtained approval from the Brazilian government to certify companies operating in the gaming and lottery industry, as they are already accredited by other governments, the company carries out a series of tests and applies very strict rules so that companies can finally be certified.

Other companies in the sector are also obtaining their certifications, in order to be able to operate in the regulated market. Cactus Gaming took the lead and began its certification process at the beginning of the year, adapting some parameters of its operation to meet GLI criteria.

“We understand the importance of this achievement and it was great to have the GLI team on this milestone that the company achieved, placing Cactus at the forefront of the national market” comments Fellipe Vieira – CTO of Cactus Gaming.

From the beginning of the approval process, Cactus Gaming had to carefully follow the norms and standards established by GLI, one of the main internationally recognized certification companies. The entire technological structure was put to the test through rigorous tests to confirm the effectiveness, reliability and security of its services.

“They were very rigorous in their tests, working alongside our development team and in close contact with the board. GLI is an example of leadership in the market, and Cactus always seeks to be connected with the best” adds Fellipe Vieira.

At the end of the process, a report was issued that certifies the Brazilian platform meeting the GLI-33 V1.1 and GLI-19 3.0 standards, through the documents Report Number SY-558-CG8-24-01-558 and Report Number SY- 120-CG8-24-01-120, respectively.

“We are grateful to Cactus Gaming for allowing us to be part of their journey. They are a testament to the Brazilian industry’s culture of voluntary compliance that we were celebrating, as it puts them in a position to quickly adapt to future local regulations and deliver gaming entertainment sustainable.” – Karen Sierra-Hughes, Vice President, Latin America, Caribbean and Spain.

“We are happy with the successful completion of the certification process for the Cactus Gaming platform and we congratulate them on being one of the first Brazilian companies to be certified. GLI’s commitment to its partners is to always guide them so they can get to where they want to be and so we will continue to guide Cactus Gaming to achieve its goals.” – Valter Delfaro Jr – Government Relations and Business Developer Executive.

Edited by: @MaiaDigital


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