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Zona de Azar Argentina – Mendoza: Proposal to Close Down Unauthorised Online Gambling

Mendoza.- June 10, 2024  Gabriela Lizana promotes compliance with Provincial Law 9267, which clearly states that young people cannot participate in online gambling.

through a draft declaration, the deputy of the Frente Renovador Mendoza, Gabriela Lizana. requested the Provincial Executive Branch for the urgent intervention of the responsible organizations and allocate the necessary resources to effectively control and proceed to close the so-called unauthorized online games, since their proliferation and their spread in the At the provincial level, it strongly affects the community as a whole and especially young people between 11 and 18 years old.

The so-called online games that are currently offered with termination (.com and/or through WhatsApp and social networks), are those that do not require the bettor to make any type of registration as required by the current Law 9267 and its articulated, where it clearly states that the bettor, in order to exercise his or her actions, must register previously on the pages of the duly authorized sites, in this way, avoiding the transaction of bettors without knowing the origin of the funds and/or their age to place bets, not restricting any interested party.

The so-called Gambling Path, according to experts, requires 4 to 6 years to be named as such and declare yourself addicted to some activity. Today the figure is extremely worrying, 2 years and currently affects the youngest sector.

“In economic matters, these so-called online games that we know to see in promotions on different social networks, make false messages of large payments or prizes, attracting bettors into something that really does not exist, causing not only economic damage but also damage. generalized addiction,” Lizana noted.

The author of the proposal emphasized that the turnover, which is also surprising, of these illegal betting sites exceeds 100 million per month since they have only in the province, with around 1,500 (called cashiers) that carry out the promotions and sell the chips. to interested bettors.

President, added to the great prevailing economic uncertainty and the lack of general employment that we face, leading the most humble to believe in these unfounded and harmful promises, we ask this Honorable body to immediately sanction this draft declaration and urgently constitute a control commission to guarantee its faithful compliance,” concluded the deputy.

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