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Zona de Azar Belgium – EGBA Welcomes Sumsub as New Associate Member

Belgium.- June 27, 2024 The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) is pleased to announce Sumsub, a leading global identity verification and anti-fraud platform, has joined the association as its newest associate member. The new strategic partnership reinforces Sumsub and EGBA’s joint commitment to promoting a safe and secure online gaming and betting environment in Europe.

As the representative body for Europe’s leading online gaming and betting companies, EGBA is at the forefront of efforts to promote sustainability within the sector. In its capacity as an associate member of EGBA, Sumsub will contribute its expertise in identity verification to support EGBA’s mission of promoting high know-your-customer and fraud prevention standards within the industry and help shape the association’s awareness and positioning in the identity verification landscape.

Sumsub’s full-cycle platform integrates user verification, anti-fraud and compliance solutions. It helps online gaming and betting operators streamline customer onboarding processes while ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory requirements. By leveraging Sumsub’s comprehensive toolkit of solutions, online gaming and betting firms can secure the entire player lifecycle, mitigate fraud risks, and uphold regulatory standards across their platforms. Find out more at Sumsub’s upcoming iGaming Fraud & Compliance Day on 27 June.

Commenting on the membership, Kris Galloway, Head of iGaming Product at Sumsub, said, “We are honoured to join EGBA as an associate member and collaborate with industry leaders to drive innovation and compliance in Europe’s online gaming sector. As the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, we remain committed to empowering operators and platforms with cutting-edge solutions, tailored to their players’ user profiles. These will enable them to increase efficiency, while ensuring security, transparency, and protection.”

Maarten Haijer, Secretary General of EGBA, welcomed Sumsub to the association, stating, “We are delighted to welcome Sumsub as associate member and look forward to collaborating with their team. The addition of their expertise in identity verification will be extremely valuable to our association as we continue our efforts to promote a safe, secure, and sustainable online gaming and betting environment in Europe. By opening up our membership, to include companies like Sumsub, we aim to better unite the industry’s voice.”

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