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Zona de Azar Brasil – Brasil: Lottopar Instant Scratch Lottery Launched in Paraná

Brazil.-  June 11, 2024  The previous week saw Curitiba host the Raspinha launch event, organized by, the company that manages Loteria Instantânea in Paraná. This event was significant, as it introduced a new lottery option in the state, which is regulated and approved by Lottopar.

Daniel Romanowski, president of Lottopar, shared his joy with the success of the event and emphasized how a dream became reality, especially for those who are paying attention to the lottery market in Brazil.

Daniel Romanowski, president of Lottopar

“What was once a distant dream is now a reality. This is even more true for those who follow the lottery market in Brazil. We were aware of the challenges and our motto here in Paraná is to focus on methodology, not ideology. With this, we brought the best practices in the world to our state and today we have a reference state lottery with a positive social impact for the people of Paraná.”

João Mota, CEO of, justified the choice of Paraná for investment, not only due to its population of 12 million inhabitants and vast territory, but mainly due to the regulatory rigor and quality of the state’s Lotteries.

“Of course, many think that Paraná was chosen because of its population of 12 million inhabitants and its large territory. But that wasn’t what led us to the decision. It was the high standard of regulation and the excellence of the Paraná Lotteries that convinced us”, stated João Mota.

Lottopar Commitment: Transactions, Safe and Responsible Gaming

During a discussion on security in lottery transactions, Roberto Reaginini, from Paybrokers, praised Lottopar for its commitment to Safe Gaming and Responsible Gaming. He mentioned the actions taken to protect the integrity of the games, thus providing a safe experience for players in Paraná.


Walter Delfraro Junior, from Laboratório GLI Brasil, also expressed admiration for Lottopar’s pioneering spirit in accrediting testing and certification laboratories in the gaming and lottery industry. He acknowledged that GLI Brasil was the first accredited laboratory in the country and that Lottopar was the first Brazilian lottery to carry out such accreditation, congratulating the team for this innovative feat.

Scratch, an instant lottery, allows players to get immediate results. Tickets can be purchased for R$2.50 at various physical points of sale. Quick games available include “Aposta Certa”, “Billiards”, “Strike” and “Jogo Tic Tac Toe”. The “Achou, Ganhou” system offers thousands of prizes with values ​​ranging from R$2.50 to R$60,000.00.

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