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Zona de Azar Brasil – Brazil: Athletico and Genius Sports Promote Integrity Workshops in Football

Brazil.- May 28, 2024 Last Friday (24), Athletico Paranaense, in collaboration with Genius Sports, held integrity workshops for all its players. The purpose is to educate, raise awareness and prevent manipulation of results.

The workshops were created by Genius Sports and led by Tiago Horta Barbosa, responsible for the company’s Integrity in Latin America. Therefore, the content focused on educating and protecting players against sporting corruption practices.

The company shared information gained from its extensive experience in monitoring, detecting and investigating competition manipulation around the world.

Importance of the initiative

Rodrigo Gama, Legal Director of Club Athletico Paranaense, stated: “The objective of this workshop is to address the integrity of sport. Fans want to watch the competition and be sure that what is happening is true, that there is no type of manipulation or fraud taking place.

And athletes, from the youngest to professionals, are all very susceptible. We have seen examples of athletes who lost their careers, who had their lives ruined, literally, because of gambling addiction and manipulation.

We understand that this lecture, in partnership with ABRADIE, of which we are affiliated, is very important. Because it brought light to our athletes about how they should conduct their careers and about the concern regarding this very important topic, which is integrity”.

Tiago Horta Barbosa highlighted: “We usually offer high-level educational workshops for clubs and league partners around the world.

We are honored that a visionary club like Athletico Paranaense has chosen us for this vital initiative. Therefore, we look forward to working together in the fight against match-fixing and protecting football.”

About Genius Sports

Genius Sports is a co-founder of the Brazilian Association for the Defense of Sport Integrity (ABRADIE), a non-profit organization that addresses issues that threaten national sporting integrity.

Additionally, the company is the trusted integrity partner of the English Premier League, Argentine Football Association (AFA), Dimayor Colombia, Liga MX, National Football League (NFL), Brazilian Basketball League (NBB), the Brazilian Confederation of Volleyball and the National Futsal League.

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