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Zona de Azar Brasil – Brazil: LOTERJ Launches Accreditation Notice for Instant Lottery

Brazil.- June 7, 2024  The Rio de Janeiro State Lottery – LOTERJ, published in the Official Gazette the Accreditation Notice for legal entities specializing in the creation of products (games), printing, storage, distribution, marketing of instant lottery games, validation and payment of prizes, as well as preparation, proposal, guidance and execution of advertising campaigns for instant lottery products, for a period of up to ten years, within the territorial scope of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

The contracted accredited entity must maintain in favor of LOTERJ as a guarantee of compliance with contractual obligations and throughout the Accreditation Term, the Accreditation Term Execution Guarantee corresponding to 1% of the estimated value of the Accreditation Term for one year, with the estimated value for the first year, will correspond to the value of R$ 22,571,280.00 and, from the second year onwards and until the end of the term, the total gross revenue determined from the sale of lottery products and the registration of bets in the immediately preceding calendar year.

The Accreditee will pay to LOTERJ by the 5th business day of the month following the reference month, the remuneration corresponding to 5% of the GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) in the Instant Lottery lottery modality. The notice determines the minimum prize percentage of 59% payout in the modality.

Legal entities operating in the field of

activity compatible with the object to be contracted and the participation of interested parties will be permitted on a consortium basis. Interested companies may be represented in the Accreditation process by their legal representative.

The documents required in ENVELOPE “A” – QUALIFICATION DOCUMENTATION – must be presented in the original or copy, with pages numbered and initialed by the legal representative or appointed attorney of the interested party.

In the technical qualification item, the main requirements are the implementation of a Responsible Gaming program, with actions carried out in order to protect gamblers with gambling disorders; promotion of Compliance and risk management within the scope of the performance of operational activities, ensuring that there will be an “Integrity Program” implemented in accordance with current legislation, or similar; adoption of actions aimed at complying with responsible gaming policies in accordance with the applicable standards and in accordance with the international standards recommended by the World Lottery Association (WLA) or similar entities, also committing to seek to obtain, if it does not already exist, reputable international certifications for responsible gaming; have a 24/7 customer service system; and declaration that you undertake, after signing the Accreditation Term, within a maximum period of five working days, to adhere to the Payment System contracted by LOTERJ, as well as to integrate your systems with the official Payment Method.

Interested companies and/or consortiums may obtain further clarification or resolve their doubts regarding the purpose of this Public Accreditation Notice or interpretation of any of its provisions, in writing and within five days from the date of its publication via email :

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