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Zona de Azar Brazil – Brazil: Slotegrator is Attending SiGMA Americas in Brazil to Get a Read on the Market

Brazil.- 18th April 2024 In 2024, Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies granted final approval to regulate the country’s sports betting market. The iGaming industry expects that Brazil will become the new gaming hub or will take the lead from the U.S. market right away.

Slotegrator‘s experts will be at the heart of the upcoming SiGMA Americas summit in Brazil to share what to expect from this fascinating and lucrative market.

In 2023, Brazil took a big step in the development of its gambling industry, and there might be more to come.

It is forecasted that in the next three years, the revenues from the Brazilian sports betting and online casino market will exceed 100 billion Brazilian reals ($200,404,737).

This revenue, expected to be primarily generated through tourism, is one reason so many online casino and sportsbook operators are considering investing in the country’s gambling market. Politicians and government agencies are increasingly discussing the positive impact that gambling can have on the economy, too. In short, all signs point to a promising future for iGaming in Brazil.

Slotegrator experts recognise the power and opportunity of the market, and are ready for the upcoming event – SiGMA Americas in Brazil. The event promises to be huge: 10,000 delegates, 200+ speakers, top industry leaders, cultural tours, sport, awards, and networking events – all fantastic opportunities to learn about the market firsthand.

The agenda of the event includes some of iGaming’s biggest topics:

● Successful marketing strategies for the market.
● Responsible gaming.
● Maximizing conversions and branding with ethics in the face of regulatory challenges.
● Approaches to the brazilians’ immediate mindset.
● The impact of gamification in Brazil’s newly regulated betting sector.

“I can confidently say that all these questions are about market structuring and strengthening. Once all these questions have been answered, participants will be in a better position to decide which promotional strategies to adopt in the newly formed Brazilian market,” comments Khoren Ispiryan, senior sales manager at Slotegrator.

It’s expected that in July 2024, plans of implementing fixed-odds betting in Brazil will take place in four stages; the first step towards a regulatory framework finally will be represented.

Edited by: @MaiaDigital


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