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Zona de Azar Malta – Exclusive Interview with David Harris, the B2B Affiliate Team Manager of ReferOn

Malta.- April 3th 2024 In this exclusive interview with Zona de Azar, David Harris, B2B Affiliate Team Manager of ReferOn, sheds light on the inner workings of the affiliate program management system. Harris discusses how ReferOn uses genuine customer feedback to refine its platform, focusing on transparency, flexibility, and scalability. He also highlights upcoming workshops and social media initiatives to empower affiliates and showcase recent advancements.

Furthermore, Harris shares ReferOn‘s ambitions for industry recognition and strategies for improved communication with affiliates. He addresses challenges in international expansion, revealing innovative measures, including plans for enhanced accessibility. Harris emphasizes ReferOn‘s commitment to transparency and fairness, along with its unique customer service approach. Lastly, he provides a glimpse into future enhancements aimed at enhancing user experience and affiliate efficiency.

Read the complete interview below!

  • Considering the success in participating in events like iGB and gathering data about ReferOn, how do you plan to leverage real customer testimonials and collected feedback to further enhance and promote the platform?

ReferOn as an idea for a state-of-art affiliate management system arose initially from the needs of operators and affiliates for a product that is transparent, flexible, and scalable to new markets and regions. Feedback from our clients, partners, and users is critical in the further development of ReferOn: it is from feedback that we form or adjust plans for new functionality based on the real needs of the market. Such testimonials offer us a glimpse into how our product development roadmap might look, as we’re committed to addressing the real needs of the users and meeting their expectations as the market dynamics change.

Through our partners’ feedback, we can streamline workflows, improve usability, or enhance accessibility. Listening to our partners and continuous improvement can only lead to gaining even more trust and expanding our footprint.

  • Regarding the educational workshops and video content on social media that you are developing, what is your approach to ensuring these resources provide significant value to affiliates and contribute to the overall success of the community?

The educational workshops and seminars are currently in the works and you will be hearing much more about them in the coming weeks. These aim to help existing users with valuable tips and features to get more out of the system. We also have a varied content plan of articles and videos on our socials to engage varied audiences as well as showcase recent changes or developments on the platform. This initiative is all based on our extensive expertise and our interactions with the community, so we’d count them as indispensable to anyone who is part of it. Keep tabs on our channels.

  • What are ReferOn’s expectations and objectives regarding being shortlisted for significant affiliate marketing awards in the near future? What impact do you expect this to have on the platform’s visibility and credibility?

Being nominated for an award, or, even better, winning one, is a remarkable achievement for the ReferOn team. It shows that the work we have put into the product is worthwhile and people are happy with the result. Moreover, the presence at or simply mentioning the events comes with its marketing value, giving us more of a hook on potential clients out in the market. Ultimately, awards stand as a testament to the work and passion we’ve poured into ReferOn, so we can only be proud of them.

  • What measures are you implementing to ensure effective communication and seamless collaboration between your team and ReferOn affiliates?

Although affiliates are not our direct contact, we are always in touch with the affiliate managers that use ReferOn and these are the touch points most valuable to us. We review any feedback from affiliates that they send us, or any that we are directly involved in, and support and guide where we can. We are seeing great feedback from affiliates using our system and have taken on board several of their concerns and feedback into the pipeline of the product.

  • What is your strategy for adapting and staying up-to-date with emerging trends in affiliate marketing and related technology?

    This is a tricky question as there is no easy answer to this. We all know that the market is always changing. However, we pride ourselves in our ability to be dynamic, allowing features and backlogs to be adaptable to the needs of both the market and clients. The key to success lies in fostering ongoing conversations with our clients and affiliates alike.
  • How are you expanding internationally and what specific challenges do you face when entering new markets?

Although most of our clients are primarily focused on the European region for their traffic, ReferOn does have the same issues as a traditional casino. The biggest hurdle we face is language and support, but we are aware of this and we have plans to make the product more accessible for international audiences later in the year.

  • What additional tools or functionalities do you plan to add to the platform in the future to enhance user experience and increase affiliate efficiency?

We recently released our sub-affiliation feature, as well as EPC. In the coming weeks, we will release some great features such as postback visibility within the system and also Independent Deal Calculation (IDC) allowing for further reward plan complexities.

  • What measures are you taking to ensure transparency and fairness in relationships with affiliates, especially regarding commissions and payments?

ReferOn provides probably the most transparent reporting tool on the market right now, giving affiliates the ability to deep dive into any minutiae of detail of their statistics as they wish – giving a benefit for affiliates, as well as operators. Commissions alone can be adjusted on an individual tracker level from particular days. We dive deep into customization and personalization, striving to make our partners’ lives simpler.

  • How do you differentiate yourselves from competitors in terms of customer service, technical support, and available resources for affiliates?

ReferOn was built on the knowledge of people who are familiar with the market issues. This creates a foundation of knowledge and experience that is perfect for problem-solving or getting to the route of the problem quickly. The system itself is also designed in an intuitive manner that makes it easy for affiliates and affiliate managers who may not be tech-savvy to view data on the fly and assimilate it quickly, giving users the edge on understanding what is going on at all times. The team is always available for feedback or queries and when new users come on board, our training and support are always on hand.


Edited by: @MaiaDigital


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