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Zona de Azar Malta – GiG Names Christian Uhrenholt as Gentoo Media CFO

Malta.- July 01, 2024 Gaming Innovation Group (GiG), the leading technology company that supplies iGaming operators with solutions, services and products, strengthened its affiliate business with the addition of Christian Uhrenholt. On Friday, the company announced it appointed the executive with extensive experience to the role of chief financial officer (CFO) of Gentoo Media, its successful affiliate business.

The recent appointment comes after earlier this month, GiG confirmed the rebranding of GiG Media to Gentoo Media. This marked an important part of the company’s strategy to propel the growth of its affiliate business separately from GiG’s Platform and Sportsbook division.

Uhrenholt brings solid experience to Gentoo Media. As a CFO, he will oversee the company’s financial department. The newly appointed exec will support Gentoo Media’s business development.

Moreover, his priorities will include providing guidance and overseeing strategic investor relations as well as M&A opportunities. Undoubtedly, his track record, extensive experience and strong financial background will help Uhrenholt in his new role as CFO.

“I am delighted to join Gentoo Media in this existing phase of the company’s history.“

Christian Uhrenholt, CFO at Gentoo Media
Sharing his excitement, the executive said that it is thrilling to join the company at such a milestone moment in its growth. Moreover, the executive pointed out: “The strong ambitions in the business are notable, and I am dedicated to further supporting the continued evolution of the business, cementing Gentoo Media’s leading position in the industry.”

Another Important Step in Gentoo Media’s Growth Plan
Jonas Warrer, Gentoo Media’s CEO and GIG’s acting group CEO, spoke about the importance of the latest senior-level appointment. He predicted that Uhrenholt would help Gentoo Media continue to grow. Finally, Warrer said: “I am confident that his arrival will bolster the leading position we have in iGaming affiliation.”

“Christian’s appointment is another significant step forward for Gentoo Media, helping us reach the high growth targets we have set for the business.“

Jonas Warrer, CEO of Gentoo Media and acting group CEO of GiG
Throughout his career, Uhrenholt proved himself as a leader who focuses on solid results. He has a track record in corporate finance and audit, an experience that is relevant to his most recent role with Gentoo Media. Before joining the company, Uhrenholt was a part of recognizable businesses where he held a number of key senior-level roles.

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