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Zona de Azar Malta – Softswiss Sportsbook Launches App on Google Play and App Store

Malta.- June 11, 2024  SOFTSWISS, a leading company in the iGaming software sector with a 15-year history, presents its first mobile application, SOFTSWISS Sportsbook. This new product expands the options available at Primobet, a company licensed in Serbia, and can be downloaded from both Google Play and the local App Store.

See the Softswiss Report for the 1st Quarter of 2024

The growth of mobile devices, which now represent 90% of gross gaming revenue (GGR) in Q1 2024, compared to 86% a year ago, highlights the growing importance of mobile apps.

The newly launched app is well positioned to meet this trend by providing an improved and accessible gaming experience to users.

Softswiss Sportsbook

For iGaming operators, the mobile app brings significant commercial advantages:

Increased player confidence: Apps are subject to rigorous vetting by app stores, meeting high industry standards.
Risk managed in a diversified way: By offering multiple platforms, operators achieve stability in unexpected situations. Distributing the audience across different platforms minimizes risks and ensures constant engagement, regardless of external events.
Enhanced user comfort: Advanced functionality and features overcome browser limitations, enriching the user experience.
Promising promotions: Push notifications and digital promotions allow direct communication with players.

Application Arrives in Nigeria Soon

Alexander Kamenetskiy, Director of SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, praised the product team for the recent achievement, stating: “After a year of testing the app, we launched our first project and, most significantly, we managed to make it available on two of the app platforms most used furniture.

I am extremely pleased with my team’s commitment and dedicated effort to achieve this feat. As a pioneering technology company, we look forward to offering more features and tools that benefit our partners.”

Application expected to arrive in Nigeria soon

With this, the mobile application is about to be launched with a new project in Nigeria. It has already been released on the App Store and is going through the verification process on Google Play.

Therefore, with the launch of the mobile application, SOFTSWISS Sportsbook reinforces its presence in the iGaming market. The company prides itself on delivering innovative solutions to partners to optimize their business operations.

Additionally, SOFTSWISS recently introduced the Sports Betting Budget Calculator, a tool that helps operators manage their budgets efficiently.

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