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Zona de Azar Spain – 2025 ICE and iGB Affiliate will be the Biggest Gathering of Gambling Professionals

Spain.- Following what it’s describing as an ‘unprecedented response’ to the unique exhibiting opportunities available at The Gran Via, Barcelona Clarion Gaming has confirmed that January’s edition of ICE/iGB Affiliate will be the biggest meeting of the global gambling industry on record featuring 1,000+ exhibitors occupying 120,000 sqm of space – 20% bigger than at London 2024.

In an update to stakeholders Clarion Gaming Managing Director Stuart Hunter said: “The 2025 editions of ICE and iGB Affiliate are already reaching capacity despite the show floor being 20% bigger than in 2024 which itself established a new record.” He added: “As part of the Barcelona bid to host ICE/iGB Affiliate, we ensured that we had access to the entire Gran Via campus comprising over 200,000 sqm, allowing the opportunity to secure more space as and when the industry required.

“Whilst we had the option to utilise more space for 2025, we have taken the strategic decision to cap the size of the 2024 show at 120,000 sqm in order to pursue a structured and sustainable growth plan in line with our customer’s needs and which is also designed to deliver optimum visitor density.

“There has been a huge demand for space both from existing exhibitors and those businesses wanting to show at ICE/iGB Affiliate for the first time. Whilst Clarion is a commercial organisation, we also recognise that as partners to the industry we carry numerous responsibilities which in this case means expanding the show but in a controlled and measured manner and in line with the growth of the industry. This is a continuation of the strategy implemented when the first edition of ICE to take place at ExCeL in 2013 comprised 31,000 sqm. Each year we have grown the show floor in line with a campaign to grow the buy-side attendance and therefore increase return on investment for all participants.”

Addressing the composition of the show Hunter added: “As well as their physical size we are curating the make-up of the exhibitions ensuring that they reflect the industry covering every sector. Our overarching objective is to ensure that ICE and iGB Affiliate reflect the needs of the totality of the global industry and the migration to Barcelona enhances our ability to deliver this.”

ICE/iGBA 2025 will occupy 120,000 gross sqm of The Gran Via across Halls 1 (iGB Affiliate) and 2-5 (ICE). An additional 120,000 sqm has been reserved exclusively for ICE/iGBA across the five-year tenancy.

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