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Zona de Azar UK – IGB L!VE Reveals Five-Year Growth Plan

U.K.-  October 11, 2023  Clarion Gaming has set-out an ambitious development and growth plan which will be fuelled by the brand’s relocation to London in July 2025. The five-year plan has targeted over 35,000 visitors and 550+ exhibitors and sponsors.

Portfolio director, Naomi Barton, said: “iGB L!VE has already experienced three years of unbelievable exponential growth – and this exciting move puts us on an even more impressive trajectory.

“We will continue to invest in the show on behalf of the many thousands of international stakeholders who have all been part of the show’s unparalleled success.

“We’re often told by stakeholders that iGB L!VE is the industry’s favourite event where crucial business deals are made. To take the show to the next level, iGB L!VE requires a home in which it can scale at pace and continue to deliver on the needs of what is one of the most dynamic business sectors.”

She added: “We’ve loved hosting the show in Amsterdam, but London is the birthplace of, and remains the home of igaming. Over 50 of the most influential companies in igaming base themselves in the city, and with 12,000+ igaming professionals* calling London home, it remains an industry destination for business networking, socialising, and shaping the future.

“With the ICE and iGB Affiliate move to Barcelona in 2025, iGB L!VE has an amazing opportunity to relocate the home of igaming right to the heart of the igaming industry. All the building blocks are in place for a stratospheric future for this event.

“The iGB L!VE team is working in partnership with an industry Steering Group, made up of the most influential and pioneering stakeholders, to realise the show’s inspiring vision and achieve the brand’s aggressive growth targets for the benefit of its customers and the health of the industry.

“The relocation to London opens new opportunities for both the igaming industry and iGB L!VE, delivering more international connections and partnerships. Our vision over the next 5 years is to take the show to a whole new level as the industry continues to scale. By 2028 we expect to see over 35,000 visitors, and 550+ exhibitors and sponsors at iGB L!VE, and a world of new opportunities created to help fuel this exciting and dynamic industry.”

“Central to iGB L!VE’s growth strategy is a relentless focus on putting our customers at the heart of what we do. This, combined with an in-depth knowledge of core and emerging igaming markets, strong industry growth and the dynamic UK tech sector will enable us to exponentially increase both attendee and exhibitor / sponsor numbers in coming years.”

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