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Zona de Azar USA – Bristol Casino Breaks Single-Month Revenue Record, Reaching $16.2M

USA.- April 17th 2024 The Bristol Casino, set to become the future site of Hard Rock, disclosed adjusted gaming revenues exceeding $16.2 million in March, marking its most lucrative month on record to date.

The Virginia Lottery, which oversees casino gaming in the state, on Monday reported a combined $65 million in gaming revenues from the state’s three casinos, the temporary Bristol Casino, temporary Caesar’s Virginia in Danville and the permanent Rivers Casino in Portsmouth.

March revenues in Bristol shattered the facility’s previous single-month record of $14.9 million established in December 2023. It marks a nearly 22% increase over February 2024’s total of $13.34 million, lottery figures show.

Both slots and table games established single month records, as the increase in play was across both disciplines. The Bristol Casino’s 911 slots generated just over $13 million in revenues, breaking the one-month record of $12.2 million established last December. Table games generated $3.26 million, eclipsing the previous record of $2.98 million set in September 2022, records show.

The casino’s Unity program now has more than 121,000 members.

Bristol’s Hard Rock hotel and casino is currently taking shape at the former Bristol Mall site. The casino expected to open this summer.

Taxes generated by the Bristol Casino also reached record levels for March, with nearly $2.93 million in total gaming tax revenue with over $976,000 earmarked for the Regional Improvement Commission, which will divide revenues among 14 counties and cities in Southwest Virginia.

Through the first nine months of fiscal 2023-24, the Bristol Casino has generated more than $22.47 million in state gaming tax revenues, including $7.29 million that will be divided among the city of Bristol and 13 other cities and counties which correspond to Southwest Virginia’s transportation district.

That represents an average of about $810,200 per month, through nine months. If that average holds for the remaining three months of the fiscal year, the region’s local governments can expect to split about $9.72 million, or roughly $694,400 each.

Through the first nine months of fiscal 2022-23, the casino generated about $7.03 million in local gaming taxes. When the fiscal year ended the region received about $8.7 million in gaming tax revenues, with each locality receiving $625,000 apiece.

Rivers Casino Portsmouth also reported its largest month to date, with $27.7 million in adjusted gaming revenues, including $19.5 million from its 1,462 slot machines and $8.2 million from its 81 table games. It generated nearly $5 million in gaming taxes, with $1.6 million returning to the host city. It has been in operation about 14 months.

The Danville casino, which will mark its one-year anniversary this month, reported over $21 million in gaming revenues in March, including $16.3 million from its 804 slots and $4.7 million from its 33 table games. The temporary casino generated almost $3.8 million in taxes, with $1.2 million going back to the host city, the lottery report shows.

The permanent Danville casino is expected to open by the end of this year.

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