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Zona de Azar USA – Underdog Fantasy Elevates CRM Marketing with Optimove’s AI-Powered Capabilities  

USA.- 11th December 2023 The leading fantasy sports operator supports its rapid growth with Optimove, gaining four vital advanced AI-Led CRM Marketing Decisioning, Segmentation, and Orchestration Capabilities to boost engagement, retention rate, and player lifetime value  


Underdog Fantasy, the fastest-growing paid fantasy sports company on the market, today announced it has selected Optimove, the leading CRM Marketing platform for the iGaming sector, as the brand’s solution for AI-led segmentation, orchestration, and personalization at scale.  

Underdog Fantasy has enhanced its CRM marketing strategy with Optimove’s advanced AI marketing capabilities, reducing the complexity of large-scale marketing operations.   

Underdog Fantasy gains four vital capabilities from Optimove’s CRM Marketing solution that underscores its commitment to elevate player experiences: 

In-depth customer insights: Underdog Fantasy can access unified customer data to create as many creative customer segments as they desire without relying on other teams.   

Smart Orchestration: Underdog Fantasy is freed from manually mapping every customer journey by combining AI with business rules for smart multichannel orchestration.   

Enhanced marketing attribution: Underdog Fantasy can measure the incremental impact of each message along the customer journey, enabling true multitouch marketing attribution.   

Personalization at Scale: Underdog Fantasy is empowered to personalize each marketing message’s audience, channel, and content levels with seamless and scalable tools. 

Underdog Fantasy’s platform is available in 41 states and Canada, making it a significant competitor in the fantasy sports landscape.  

“We are honored to be chosen by Underdog, a clear leader in fantasy sports. They are a dynamic company in the sports iGaming industry. We are excited to support their strong momentum and rapid growth with our tools and capabilities,” said Tomer Imber, Senior Director of Sales at Optimove. “We will empower Underdog Fantasy in delivering personalized, tailored experiences to each player based on their preferences and needs. Our advanced AI-driven features align perfectly with Underdog’s growth-focused approach. Our comprehensive CRM marketing solution, enhanced by four cutting-edge AI capabilities, is geared to ensure Underdog Fantasy creates highly personalized customer journeys, fosters loyalty and trust, and maximizes the players’ lifetime value.”   

“Optimove’s advanced AI-driven marketing solutions will help empower us to create tailored, meaningful journeys for each player, building trust and boosting loyalty. It supports commitment to providing the best experience for our players,” said Liz Marro, Chief Marketing Officer at Underdog Fantasy. “As we continue to grow and expand our presence in the sports gaming industry, we recognize the importance of enhancing our capabilities to meet players’ growing expectations and prevent marketing fatigue.”

Edited by: @MaiaDigital


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