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Zona de Azar USA – NFL Collaborates with 3 Las Vegas Brands to Create Super Bowl Merchandise

USA.- January 23th 2024 Walanya Vongsvirates has dedicated almost a year to craft approximately a thousand pairs of handmade earrings and keychains inspired by Las Vegas for Super Bowl 58.

Her company, Love, Hand, and Heart, is one of three Las Vegas businesses selected to be part of Origins: an NFL collection, a collaborative apparel initiative between the National Football League and local businesses in cities hosting major NFL events such as the Super Bowl.

The other chosen businesses are FEATURE, a boutique apparel company, and Urban Necessities, a sneaker resale and consignment shop.

I definitely took inspiration from the NFL and the players and the grit and hard work they put into their craft, and I did the same with mine,” Vongsvirates said about starting to design and create her colorful earrings and keychains in May.

I genuinely just tried to do what I had to do, work those long nights to be able to produce it at the quality level that people would expect.

These Las Vegas businesses have crafted their own Super Bowl designs for jewelry, apparel, and more.

The NFL states that the collection is a way to boost local businesses in Super Bowl host cities.

Now in its third year, Origins: an NFL collection continues to be a testament to the NFL’s commitment to supporting our event host cities while enhancing the fan experience through fashion and design,” said Joe Ruggiero, senior vice president of consumer products at the NFL, in a statement.

Being able to incorporate the official logos of the NFL and the Super Bowl into product designs should provide a significant boost to Vongsvirates’ business of handmade wearable art products, she said. “I know how much that (NFL) shield means to people,” Vongsvirates said. “So to be able to create a handmade version of that and mix it in with my style was just such a big honor.

Love, Hand, and Heart’s designs feature a neon desert sunset, with a mix of bright rainbow colors, or glittering gold, based on the alluring nature of Las Vegas, she said.

I really wanted to create something for fans where they could feel like they can take a piece of Las Vegas with them,” Vongsvirates said.

The special collection will launch at a pop-up event at the Nine Twenty event space in the Arts District of Las Vegas just ahead of the Super Bowl on Feb. 8. After the launch, the products will be available on each brand’s websites and the official NFL retail website

Vongsvirates said she hopes this partnership boosts her business and inspires other organizations that host big events in Las Vegas to find ways to partner with local businesses. She also wants these earrings and keychains to be a special souvenir for people to remember the Super Bowl.

My hope is that for fans, if it turns into maybe a good luck charm for them, or simply just something to remember this special event,” she said. “The Super Bowl is probably like a once-in-a-lifetime experience for people coming here.

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