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Zona de Azar Argentina – Bplay: Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez Promotes Responsible Gaming for Copa América

Argentina.- June 11th 2024 Following the sponsorship agreement with the Professional Football League of AFA and the commercial featuring figures like Walter Nelson and Bichi Fuertes, Bplay has unveiled its new campaign: “Where We Meet to Play.” In this commercial, the main actor is Dibu Martínez, the current brand ambassador.

This campaign is part of a series of actions that Bplay is undertaking to continue promoting Responsible Gaming in the context of the upcoming Copa América.

Moreover, it arises from the need to find a space that crosses all dimensions of gaming, the Copa América, football, Argentina, and Dibu Martínez.

In this scenario, we found an idea that encompasses all this: for every Argentine who thinks one way, there is another who thinks the exact opposite. In any aspect of life, but especially in gaming and sports. Bplay ends up being the place where all conflicting opinions are resolved. However, if you are underage, you cannot play; that is non-negotiable.

It is worth noting that in 2021, Bplay launched its first spot under the slogan “We Celebrate Everything.” Additionally, in October 2022, Bplay launched a second campaign during the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which was part of a long series created with Guillermo Francella, playing his character Pepe Argento from the famous national production “Casados Con Hijos.”

Our site,, is a 100% online and Argentine platform for gambling and sports betting, offering an extensive catalog of games and sports markets to those over 18 who meet regulatory requirements.

The world of betting is growing, and along with it, the negative perception of underage gambling. Our goal is to position Bplay as the betting house for Argentines because we understand the idiosyncrasies and passion for football, being 100% Argentine.

For this reason, we decided to bring Dibu Martínez onto the field, considering his role as a reference in Argentine popular culture. To continue building Bplay’s brand identity, the importance of his figure helps us deliver the message: “Listen to Dibu, only for those over 18.”

We are passionate about generating and sharing emotions to achieve emotional well-being through unique and memorable experiences.
At Bplay, we promote legal and responsible gaming, so all our users can access gambling and sports betting safely. For this reason, we offer services characterized by high quality and strict transparency standards, as we have important national licenses.

Among our benefits, you can find: your prize ready in 24 hours, personalized attention with live chat 24/7, and exclusive tournaments that only Bplay can offer.

Being the Official Betting House of the Professional Football League allows us to have the unique advantage of official markets and the best odds for betting. Additionally, we provide exclusive data and statistics on Argentine football.

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