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Zona de Azar USA – Industry Leaders Strongly Support SBC Summit Americas in Fort Lauderdale

USA.- July 3, 2024  The announcement of the SBC Summit Americas has garnered widespread support from industry leaders. The reimagined event aims to increase connectivity across North, Central, and South America, forming a single, cohesive platform for the gaming industry throughout the region.

Set to take place in Fort Lauderdale on May 13-15, 2025, the summit is poised to offer broader networking opportunities and drive forward collaboration within the industry.

Peruvian operator Apuesta Total shared their excitement about the location. “I always enjoy a change of scenery, and Fort Lauderdale is a fantastic choice. Many people like to turn conferences into extended weekends, so I’m certain attendees will appreciate the city’s beautiful beaches and vibrant atmosphere,” said company CEO Gonzalo Perez.

Relationship marketing hub Optimove‘s VP of Revenue, Motti Colman, shared his thoughts on the potential of the new-look event. “With 8,000 attendees expected, this event is off to an excellent start. I am also keen on exploring new market insights through market-by-market conference sessions, so I am confident this is a great platform for expanded opportunities.”

Better Collective, a leading affiliate powerhouse and a frequent presence at SBC events, not only attending but also contributing as exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers, expressed their confidence in SBC’s potential with this revamped event.

“At Better Collective, we look very much forward to the SBC Summit America 2025 in Fort Lauderdale. With years of proven expertise in event organization, SBC enables unparalleled networking opportunities under one roof, reinforcing our connections and partnerships within the industry,” said Marc Frank Pedersen, company CEO for North America.

He added: “Having worked with SBC for many years, we trust in SBC’s commitment to deliver events that not only meet but exceed our expectations.”

Joseph Martin, CEO of Kinectify, a company specializing in anti-money laundering and compliance software, who has previously exhibited at SBC Summit North America, backed the decision, expressing confidence in SBC’s industry-centric ethos.

“SBC always puts on great events. They have deep connections within our industry and prioritize the right elements to optimize our experience. I’m excited about this new show covering both North and South America. Gaming companies operating in multiple markets across the two continents now have a single event focused on the entire Americas region. I look forward to another outstanding SBC event experience in Fort Lauderdale.”

FanDuel CEO, Amy Howe, commented on the growth that SBC Summit North America had previously achieved under SBC’s leadership. “The SBC North American Summit has become a mark the calendar industry event each spring. The conference seems to grow each year and brings together an impressive array regulators, legislators, operators and technologists that help power the industry’s growth.”

The CEO also confirmed that the “company is delighted to participate in the conference each year and looks forward to 2025 in Florida.”

Marina Bogard, Managing Director for North America at Betsson, also emphasized that the event caters to companies with diverse geographic interests. “SBC’s decision to launch SBC Summit Americas and host the event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, provides a convenient opportunity for businesses with diverse market strategies to connect with both North American and Latin American leads under one roof.”

Bogard underscored the significance of this unified approach, which allows Betsson to efficiently engage with partners across diverse regions. “As you know, Betsson is a global company, and both regions remain highly significant for our expansion strategies. It is great to be able to align our efforts and meet all our partners across the Americas without having to attend multiple conferences,” she said.

Colman remarked: “SBC clearly has foresight in creating SBC Summit Americas for 2025.” Just like Bogard, he also recognized the event’s appeal to companies serving multiple geos. “At Optimove, we have experienced incredible growth in North and South America that parallels the incredible growth of SBC in each region. This new, reimagined show underscores that iGaming has come of age in the Americas. Plus, it will greatly benefit iGaming operators and service providers with diverse market interests.”

Perez echoed this sentiment. “We can all agree that the industry juggles numerous commitments, especially concerning conference participation. While attending expos around the world is rewarding, it also presents logistical and financial hurdles for companies. Therefore, I really embrace the idea of combining the strengths of the SBC Summit North America and Latinoamérica events to create a larger, more networking-rich experience,” he said.

You can register your interest in exhibiting/sponsoring/speaking at the event by visiting the official website.

Edited by: @MaiaDigital


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