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Zona de Azar Czech Republic – Slotegrator: What to Bet on in iGaming Marketing in 2024, the Best Tools to Use

Czech Republic.- May 8th 2024 Sometimes marketing strategies for iGaming evolve faster than the industry itself. Slotegrator gleaned some white-hot insights into iGaming marketing in 2024 from a recent exclusive interview with Martin Calvert, marketing director at ICS-digital and ICS-translate.

The interview focused on a few main topics:

  • Current trends in iGaming marketing.
  • Top tools or strategies that iGaming marketers should prioritize in 2024 to stay competitive.
  • Emerging trends or developments that should be anticipated and will shape the industry in the coming years.

When it comes to trends, Martin Calvert highlighted the significant impact of Google’s algorithm updates on iGaming brands, emphasizing the importance of focusing on site quality and “Helpful Content” to navigate these changes successfully. He also pointed out the increasing importance of carefully measuring the performance of every marketing campaign, particularly in newly regulated markets, to avoid costly mistakes.

As for key tools and strategies, Calvert has these key recommendations:

  • Never underestimate the power of tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush when it comes to gaining insights into your competitor’s strategies.
  • Staying informed about the current state of the industry is fundamental for making business decisions.
  • As for the challenge of advertising regulations in the iGaming industry, marketers should prioritize consistency and scalability over short-term methods that might provide a quick boost but later pose risks.
  • Traditional marketing approaches such as creative PR, organic SEO, and customer-centric content never go out of style.
  • You can’t go wrong using first-party data to personalize offers and messages — unless you overwhelm your audience. Maintain balance.
  • When it comes to retention, nothing beats a unique product. All the bonuses in the world won’t help you if you don’t differentiate yourself from your competitors with a great product or experience.
  • Mobile is king. Marketing strategies must be optimized for a mobile-first audience, who are looking for a fast, user-friendly experience that anticipates and addresses their needs.
  • Data privacy and security should be focused on “pull” rather than “push” marketing methods to maintain trust and compliance with regulations.

Looking ahead to the future of iGaming marketing, Calvert predicted that the core elements of marketing would remain consistent, with audiences continuing to seek compelling offers and experiences. He emphasized the challenge for marketers to find the right mix of methodologies for each target market, focusing on minimizing risks and lowering costs while maximizing audience engagement.

Svetlana Kirichenko, head of marketing at Slotegrator, highlights: “In the ever-evolving realm of iGaming, there’s always a new marketing strategy popping up. They can be hard to keep track of sometimes but it’s more important to be able to adapt them to your current strategy and keep an eye on the changes in player interests.”

The full version of the interview is available by link.

Edited by: @MaiaDigital


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