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Zona de Azar Spain – Nelli Melik to Share Uplatform’s Winning Strategies at AffPapa Conference

Spain.- May 24th 2024 Renowned industry expert Nelli Melik, Head of Sales at Uplatform, will take the stage as a featured speaker at the highly anticipated iGaming Club Conference, organized by AffPapa in Malaga, Spain, on May 26-27, 2024.

While Nelli’s panel will cover the difficulty of operations with white-label platforms, localization, and player engagement, the iGaming Club Conference will host several discussions on traffic and business collaborations.

The event, expected to attract over 800 affiliates, operators, and B2B providers, will feature speed-dating sessions, keynote-led panels, branded booths for exposure, and the AffPapa iGaming Awards ceremony.

During her session, Nelli will unveil Uplatform’s proven approach to solving the iGaming challenges, offering valuable insights and best practices for operators seeking to adapt content and services effectively to meet diverse cultural and linguistic needs.

Commenting on the conference, Nelli said, “I am incredibly excited to be invited to speak at the iGC Conference in Malaga. Being part of the panel discussion on Challenges in Operations with White-label Platforms, Localization, and Player Engagement is a fantastic opportunity to delve into the complexities and innovations within our industry.

This event brings together some of the brightest minds and key players in iGaming, and I am looking forward to sharing Uplatform’s experiences and insights. Engaging with industry peers in such a dynamic setting is always inspiring, and I am eager to contribute to and learn from the discussions.

Uplatform enables its clients to implement a comprehensive localization strategy that goes beyond language translation. This includes adapting content to suit regional preferences, such as featuring popular local sports and matches. Additionally, Uplatform offers its clients various odds formats and views tailored to regional betting habits.

By localizing their offering comprehensively, they ensure that each player feels valued and understood, enhancing their overall experience and, in turn, fostering greater loyalty to operators’ brands.

Uplatform’s dedication to delivering top-notch localized solutions, extensive sports coverage, and a diverse range of content has earned them two prestigious award nominations at the AffPapa iGaming Awards 2024: Sports Provider of the Year and Aggregator of the Year.

This recognition highlights the team’s hard work and commitment to helping businesses connect easily with their target global audience.

With Nelli Melik’s vast wealth of knowledge and Uplatform’s proven track record, attendees at the iGaming Club Conference can expect to gain valuable insights into leveraging localization, addressing the difficulties of operations with turnkey platforms, and enhancing player engagement. These strategic approaches will help expand their global footprint and deliver exceptional user experiences across diverse cultural landscapes.


Edited by: @MaiaDigital


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