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Zona de Azar USA – New Proposal Advances in New York Senate to Change Regulations for Gambling Ads

USA.- March 15, 2024 The Racing, Gaming, and Wagering Committee of the New York State Senate has given the green light to a proposal aimed at increasing state funding for the treatment of problem gambling.

The approved bill (S8439) seeks to allocate additional funds to programs addressing problem gambling, in conjunction with two other bills concerning age restrictions and advertising regulations for gambling (S1550 and S1557).

All three bills have progressed to the Senate floor for further consideration.

In recognition of March as Problem Gambling Awareness Month, Committee Chair Senator Joseph P. Addabbo Jr. welcomed Patricia Lincourt from New York’s Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS). Lincourt serves as an associate commissioner of Addiction, Treatment, And Recovery Services (ATRS).

The committee also moved forward with S1550 and S1557, both of which will now proceed to the Senate floor for debate.

S1550, sponsored by Senator Leroy Comrie and co-sponsored by Liz Krueger and Luis R. Sepúlveda, proposes:

– Requiring all gambling and sports betting advertisements to include warnings about potential addictive effects
– Mandating cooperation between the state gaming commission and the commissioner of addiction services
– Ensuring that all gaming advertisements include a problem gambling hotline number

Additionally, S1557, sponsored by Senator Addabbo and co-sponsored by Krueger, aims to prevent individuals under the age of 21 from participating in gambling activities.

Although some senators, including Pamela Helming and James Tedisco, expressed concerns about the legislation, both bills were approved by the committee.

Helming raised concerns about the potential application of the bill to bingo, while Tedisco questioned whether individuals aged 18 should have the freedom to make certain significant decisions but not others, such as voting, marriage, and military service.

Furthermore, bill S8439, sponsored by Senator Addabbo, proposes allocating 1% of New York’s online sports betting tax revenue to fund problem gambling treatment. If enacted, this bill could contribute $2.5 million to New York’s problem gambling programs.

Lincourt stated that the additional funding would primarily support prevention efforts and the expansion of peer-to-peer recovery services.

Senator Helming also voiced support for the proposed budget increase, emphasizing the urgent need for mental health services in schools.

However, Senator Addabbo emphasized that current legislation limits annual funding for problem gambling to $6 million, regardless of the increasing betting activity. New York’s sports betting market has remained one of the most active in the United States, with wagers exceeding $1 billion for seven consecutive months.

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