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Zona de Azar USA – “GLI-19 V3.0, Standards for Interactive Gaming Systems”


USA.- May 21, 2020 – Gaming Laboratories International, LLC (GLI), is pleased to announce the release of the draft of “GLI-19 V3.0, Standards for Interactive Gaming Systems” for industry-wide comment.

GLI-19 V3.0 reflects a revision to the core interactive gaming standard to incorporate technical requirements reflective of the latest trends in gaming technology, to better align with overlapping requirements in the GLI Family of Technical Standards and other industry standards, to reflect industry best practices, and to provide better clarity between technical requirements, which would be evaluated in the lab, compared to operational controls and procedures, which would be evaluated post system install when required by a regulator. Additionally, this revision enhances sections pertaining to operational controls and procedures, including periodic security testing to help regulators and operators create more efficient and alternative processes to monitor interactive gaming operations. The changes made are largely designed to improve the clarity and consistency of requirements and are therefore expected to be non-disruptive to the industry as a whole.

The draft of GLI-19 V3.0 is being provided to industry stakeholders for review and comment at this time. Stakeholders include wagering, gaming and lottery regulators, suppliers, test laboratories, operators, and industry trade associations. A linked PDF copy of GLI-19 V3.0 can be found below. The formal comment period begins with the issuance of this advisory and concludes in 3 weeks, on June 12, 2020. Written comments are encouraged and should be submitted to the “GLI Compliance” mailbox at Please note that this public comment draft is not final-formatted.

GLI-19 V3.0 Public Comment Draft

GLI-19 V3.0 Executive Summary

To further facilitate industry review, an Executive Summary of the Changes from the prior GLI-19 V2.0 is linked above for reference. GLI will process the comments received from industry stakeholders and collaborate as needed to address their interpretation, evaluation, and resolution in the context of the revision to this technical standard.

Each standard in the GLI Standard Series is a culmination of industry best-practices and is continually updated based on industry feedback. The GLI Standards are true “industry standards” in that they are created using a collaborative approach which involves thousands of gaming industry stakeholders. These standards are intended to assist regulators by creating baseline technical guidelines which they can adopt and/or utilize in the manner they see fit. In addition to assisting regulators, the standards are of tremendous value to suppliers who use the standards as a guide in their design and development process, saving both time and expense. GLI-19 and the rest of the GLI Standards Series are available for free download on the ‘GLI Standards’ tab found at

Kind Regards,
The GLI Team

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