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Zona de Azar USA – Vegas Chapels Ready for Quirky New Year’s Eve Marriages

USA.- December 19th 2023 Elmer Turcios-Arriaza, the lead photographer at the Little Vegas Chapel, has witnessed and captured a myriad of memorable moments during his five years at the chapel in Las Vegas’ Arts District. From wedding veils catching fire to couples with an Elvis-themed enthusiasm, Turcios-Arriaza has accumulated a wealth of memories through the ceremonies he has photographed.

Anticipating an influx of cute and quirky marriages, Turcios-Arriaza is gearing up for this New Year’s Eve, where couples are expected to flock to the city for the special date of 12/31/23, featuring the rare numerical sequence 1-2-3-1-2-3.

“New Year’s has always been a very popular date; it’s already a really big party here in Vegas, may as well just get married,” Turcios-Arriaza remarked. “It’s just a lot of people liking the story that they get to tell afterward of getting married in Vegas, with fireworks, and having a great date to remember.”

The Little Vegas Chapel is quickly filling up with reservations for wedding ceremonies on New Year’s Eve, making it one of the most sought-after spots this year. Other chapels, such as A Little White Wedding Chapel, are also expecting a considerable number of marriages leading up to the midnight countdown.

Shweta Dar, supervisor at A Little White Wedding Chapel, noted that even during the typically slower offseason from November to January, special dates like New Year’s Eve can draw hundreds of couples to their chapel.

Diana Moran, head minister at A Little White Wedding Chapel, expressed excitement about the upcoming New Year’s Eve, anticipating it to be “off the charts” due to the special numerical significance of the date. Calls inquiring about marriage ceremonies on this particular New Year’s Eve began as early as February.

Clark County is prepared for an increase in couples seeking marriage licenses, and to accommodate the demand, a pop-up marriage license bureau will be open at Harry Reid International Airport from Dec. 26-31.

Lynn Marie Goya, the Clark County clerk, shared that couples are drawn to special numbers, creating a festive atmosphere at the marriage license bureau on these special days. She highlighted the historical significance of special dates, with July 7, 2007, holding the record for the highest number of weddings in one day.

Local chapels, including Love Story Wedding Chapel and Vegas Weddings, are offering specially priced packages for couples wanting to tie the knot around the new year. The anticipation is high, with the Little Vegas Chapel expecting double the number of ceremonies compared to last year.

As preparations are underway for the bustling New Year’s Eve ceremonies, Turcios-Arriaza advises prospective couples to book their slots early and complete all necessary paperwork for the county to streamline the process. Couples can pick up their paperwork at the pop-up bureau in Terminal 1 at Harry Reid International Airport, receiving an exclusive New Year’s Eve-themed keepsake for their wedding ceremony.

Turcios-Arriaza expressed enthusiasm for the positive start to the new year through the celebration of love, inviting anyone interested to contact the chapel for their wedding commitment ceremony or any other event.

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