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Zona de Azar USA – DraftKings, BetBlocker Announce Deal To Support Responsible Gaming

USA.- June 15th 2022 DraftKings and BetBlocker have announced a collaboration to improve awareness of and access to BetBlocker’s software, which is designed to support responsible gaming and safer play.

BetBlocker’s collaboration with DraftKings will promote how consumers using BetBlocker, which originated in Europe, can set restrictions on their gaming activities on all their devices free of charge. BetBlocker’s restrictions are available globally for use on gaming sites, whether regulated or not.

“BetBlocker’s contributions to safer play are commendable and DraftKings is pleased to team up with this enterprising and disruptive not-for-profit that is advancing responsible gaming in a comprehensive and consumer-friendly way,” Chrissy Thurmond, DraftKings senior director of responsible gaming, said in a press release. “We share BetBlocker’s vision that technology and innovation are critical to promoting safer play, and we extend a warm welcome to BetBlocker as they build their footprint in North America, following widespread success across the pond.”

More collaboration is endorsed

Brianne Doura-Schawohl, who previously worked for EPIC Rick Management and the National Council on Problem Gambling before opening her own RG/PG consulting firm, considers the partnership between DraftKings and BetBlocker a solid move to advocate for responsible gaming, particularly for consumers in the United States.

“I think this is a tremendous collaboration,” Doura-Schawohl said. “In the absence of easily accessible, streamlined self-exclusion programs that are unified throughout the nation, this will afford vulnerable patrons a means of protecting themselves across state borders at no cost. Individuals struggling with a gambling addiction may also have financial burdens — removing barriers to assistance is exactly the initiatives we need to be seeing more of across the nation.”

Doura-Schawohl credits DraftKings and BetBlocker for establishing a partnership similar to one created last year between FanDuel and software group Gamban, which also provides site-blocking software for self-exclusion or for anyone that identifies as having a gambling problem. Yet, she’s hoping to eventually see even more expanded options across the United States via public policy.

“Self-inclusion adoption and technology into problem gambling have been slow,” Doura-Schawohl said. “I think it is more than time that we see industry collaboration like this.”

Personal data protections
BetBlocker allows users to download the software anonymously, and the software doesn’t store personal data. BetBlocker provides gamblers a range of restriction lengths to choose (1-5 days, 1-3 weeks, 1-6 months, 1-5 years) or use of a calendar-blocking functionality, such as blocking gambling on all Saturdays or Sundays.

“BetBlocker is thrilled to have the support of sports betting and gaming industry giant, DraftKings, to extend our software outside of the U.K. and Europe, to players in the United States and Canada,” said Pedro Romero, BetBlocker chief of safer gambling partnerships.

“We’ve been impressed with DraftKings’ leadership in responsible gaming and we are grateful for their collaboration and financial support as we look to expand awareness of safer play technology. We encourage other operators to follow DraftKings’ example of going above and beyond what is required region by region, to ensure all players have the knowledge and tools to bet responsibly.”

Edited by: @MaiaDigital

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