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Zona de Azar USA – Las Vegas 2023: Evolving as a Family-Friendly Destination

USA.- December 2nd 2023 In the wake of the pandemic, the surge of families choosing Las Vegas as their vacation destination continues unabated in 2023. Concurrently, a resurgence of married couples returning to the city and an upward trajectory in Millennial visitation mark prominent trends, as revealed by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s third-quarter survey. This survey, part of the annual profile released each March, sheds light on the evolving landscape of one of the world’s most iconic entertainment hubs.

A notable revelation from the survey, articulated by Kevin Bagger, the Vice President of the LVCVA’s research center, is the remarkable constancy in the percentage of visitors under 21 traveling with their families. Starting at 5% in 2019, this figure peaked at 21% in 2021, reflecting the impact of remote work and schooling during the pandemic. Despite a subsequent decline to 16% in 2022, the figure remained at 16% during the third quarter of 2023. Bagger acknowledges the unexpected persistence of this trend, attributing it to the flexibility of virtually working parents, terming it an “interesting dynamic” that warrants continued observation.

Industry observers speculate that this family-oriented trend in Las Vegas is more than a transient phenomenon, asserting that the city is now perceived as a multifaceted destination beyond its gambling allure. Noteworthy investments by hotels in non-gaming experiences have facilitated a broader appeal, particularly to families seeking an enjoyable stay.

Brendan Bussmann, Managing Partner of B Global, emphasizes that Las Vegas caters not only to families but also to business and solo travelers. He points to the city’s expanded offerings, such as the Raiders’ relocation, the Sphere, increased concerts, and the forthcoming arrival of the A’s. The rise in sporting events, including victories by the Golden Knights and Aces, has significantly contributed to Las Vegas’s appeal for both visitors with and without children.

The prospect of a new $1.5 billion stadium for the Oakland A’s on the Strip signals a potential increase in family-friendly baseball attractions during summers, adding to the diverse array of experiences that the city offers. From roller coasters at New York-New York to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay and various other attractions, Las Vegas provides ample entertainment for families beyond the traditional casino experience.

Industry experts like Corey Padveen of t2 Marketing and Oliver Lovat of the Denston Group affirm the growing market for family attractions in Las Vegas. Padveen emphasizes the city’s potential as a family destination akin to Times Square, with additional non-gambling activities complementing the diverse entertainment landscape.

As the visitor demographic undergoes a shift, with an increase in the median age to 43.7 in 2023, Las Vegas acknowledges the presence of more married couples. While the percentage of married visitors dipped in 2022, it is gradually rising, reaching 35% in the current year. This change aligns with the casino resort industry’s strategic shift towards being a couples’ and families’ destination, shedding its old “Sin City” image.

In conclusion, Las Vegas’s multifaceted approach, combining family-friendly offerings, a dynamic sports scene, and a commitment to diverse entertainment options, ensures its continued success. The city’s ability to adapt to changing visitor preferences positions it as a destination that caters to everyone, fostering high satisfaction levels and sustaining its allure in 2023.

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